Our program could save you thousands
on medication costs

A Program Made for You

Founded to battle rising healthcare costs, our prescription savings program saves you money on many high-cost medications.

With immediate savings to employees, participating members receive a white glove treatment solution coordinated by our Member Advocate Team.

Member Benefits

  • No copay for eligible members
  • Easy employee sign-up with live assistance
  • Convenient, free delivery to member
  • White glove treatment
  • Direct contact to your Member Advocate

Easy steps to start saving

Step 1 - Verify

Verify if a medication is eligible and offered to you by our program. We recommend scheduling a call even if your medication is not on the list.

Step 2 - Schedule Call

Schedule a call with a Member Advocate to voluntarily enroll. Eligible medications and savings opportunities will be identified for you.

Step 3 - Receive

Your Member Advocate will facilitate fulfillment of your eligible prescriptions, and your medication(s) will be delivered at no cost to you!

Current Member Experience

Before Intercept Rx, member was spending over $4,000 on out-of-pocket copays and deductible on pharmacy costs annually.

After enrolling in the program, member achieved $3,500 annual out-of-pocket savings.

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