Intercept Rx Toolkit

Your all-in-one resource for the marketing tools essential to boost Intercept Rx awareness and engagement among your employees!


Program overview brochure with all essential informations including enrollment steps, FAQs, and a sample of medication list. To be distributed during program launch.

List of Medications

Limited list of most popular high-cost medications available through Intercept Rx’s $0 Copay Program.

Intro Blurb for Employees

This blurb should be used on an email, newsletter, or any other communication to introduce Intercept Rx to employees.


Can be used on any material including newsletters, webpages, emails, etc.


Collection of three banners that can be used on emails, social media or any other medium.

MediFit Flyer

Encourage your employees to stay healthy with the MediFit Program.


Video to help educate employees on program benefits and steps to enroll. Can be shown in meetings. shared via link, andr/or embeaded on a webpage.

Materials for Printing


Raise engagement by printing this poster and displaying it where employees can reference program benefits and QR code for edsy enrollment.

Trifold Flyer

Easy-to-print, double side tile that can be printed on a letter size paper and folded in three for an easy brochure.

One Page Flyer

Flyer to be printed and easily distributed.


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